IT Support Engineer HREB121

Radicus GmbH supports our clients in IT-Services, IT-Development, IT-Project Management and IT-Expert Employee leasing. Therfore we design and develop customized IT-Solutions and services based on the customer needs.


Associate in the Technical and IT Support Department
  • 19/12/2016 to 1/12/2018: Worked as an associate in the Technical and IT Support Department. Provided service and maintenance for ATMs, gaming machines, and other IT equipment in automatic clubs and betting shops.
Service Technician of Devices for Controlled Storage of Tobacco Products
  • 1/12/2018 to 3/8/2019: Worked as a service technician. Monitored and filled supplies, serviced devices, and handled documentation related to tobacco products.
  • 1/9/2019 to 3/9/2022: Worked as a waiter. Prepared and served hot and cold drinks.
Automated Systems Maintenance Worker
  • 13/1/2022 to 31/12/2022: Worked as an automated systems maintenance worker. Maintained and repaired electrical machines, performed preventive maintenance, and replaced measuring devices.
Admin – Customer Support and Service Administration
  • 1/11/2022 to 31/3/2023: Worked as an admin in Customer Support and Service Administration. Provided online/phone support, resolved system downtime issues, and managed service desk activities.
IT User Support Technician III
  • 1/3/2021 to 31/1/2022: Worked as an IT User Support Technician III. Provided customer support for IT equipment, installed and administered software applications, and assisted users with computer-related issues.
IT System Administrator
  • 1/4/2023 to present: Working as an IT System Administrator. Responsible for software administration, technical support, and asset management.
  • 18/7/2016 to 31/8/2016: Worked as a cashier. Handled the sale of various goods, maintained the workplace, and ensured customer satisfaction.


Database Administrator
  • 2/2/2023 to 5/6/2023: Studied Database Administration at Visoko u??ili??te Algebra in Zagreb, Croatia. Covered topics include database design, SQL, Windows Server Administration, and MS SQL Server Administration.
National Vocational Qualification, Level 4 Electrical Technician
  • 1/9/2012 to 17/5/2016: Completed a National Vocational Qualification, Level 4 as an Electrical Technician at Srednja strukovna ??kola Velika Gorica. Covered subjects like electrical engineering, electronics, and computer science.


  • Mother tongue
  • Proficient user (C2)


Driving Licence
  • Driving Licence AM, Driving Licence B
Organizational Skills
  • Experience in organizing field work, maintaining a parts database, setting priorities, and working under pressure.
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Strong team spirit, excellent communication skills, adaptability, and ability to read body language in communication.
Business Skills
  • Proficient in administration of Windows OS, Windows Server, SQL Server, Google cloud workspace, MSSQL databases, and Atlassian Cloud applications. Experience in project management, mentoring, and maintenance documentation. Knowledge of mobile phone and desktop computer service, IT equipment, and ticketing systems.

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